Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Slow Down!!

Dear Tyler,

This is your mother. Please slow down. You are growing up too fast! I am not ready for you to pull yourself up to standing, like you did twice this morning. I am not ready for you to get teeth, two of which I noticed are just starting to peek out this morning. Neither am I ready for you to crawl, which I think you are going to do any day now. You are my baby, and while I do not want you to live in my basement til you are 30, I do want you to stay little for a while longer. Can I get a little cooperation? Please???? Please?????????????


Your Mama


Phillip and Rachel said...

Auntie Rach agrees....

DayPhoto said...

Every little change is fun and sad to watch all at the same time.

I know...I've been there.