Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dare I Say.... spring actually coming? Its been up to...drum roll please.....60 degrees the last two days! We have been taking full advantage of it by going outside, and staying outside, for a good chunk of the day. Yesterday we went to a nice park to play, then came back and played some more outside. Then, after naps, you guessed it! We went outside again. I got to piddle around in my garden and start getting it ready for planting. The kids dug numerous holes and fought over shovels. James found a worm who 'got lost from his family' and found another worm to be his friend. Then he found a grub and smashed it for me. Tyler busied himself trying to eat grass and sticks. He seems to be following in his siblings footsteps of loving the great outdoors. With this new weather I am reminded that it is also the season of muddy clothes. My remedy: strip them down in the garage and plop them right into the shower to wash off those muddy feet. Yes, I am my mother :) But I will take it, mud and all. I am glad spring is on its way!


DayPhoto said...

Gosh! You have spring temperatures! Sigh! I'm jealous! 41* here and rain.


Phillip and Rachel said...

It was 82 down here...hehehe!