Monday, February 15, 2010

More Snow?

We just enjoyed an entire weekend without shoveling snow! Hooray! We got to frolic in the snow a bit, pick up a few library books, have lunch with the fam, and watch a bunch of movies. Yes, we watched movies! This is a momentous occasion for us, I realize. We watched the entire 8 disc series of Mechanical Marvels, including how sugar is manufactured, the inner workings of Disney World, the world's longest bridge, and other very interesting things. I am also back on my polygamist book-reading kick. I read Lost Boy this weekend, and I have Cult Insanity ready to start in a few days. I also finished hemming my dress (pictures to come!) and cut out another one. And here, to reward you for getting through all this random drivel, are a few pictures for your enjoyment. You'd think I only have two kids from the likes of it, but for whatever reason I have no pictures of James from the last week. Oh, and did I mention we are getting more snow? Depending on who you ask, we are getting anywhere from a few inches to ??? We'll see.

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DayPhoto said...

You can have the snow, I'm tired of all of it and the cold. We worked outside (it got up to 40*) this weekend and I loved it.