Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Adventures!

Here we are again, with record amounts of snow on the ground. We got another big one yesterday, and it looks like the snow is here to stay for a while. I had to move the some of the snow I shoveled last time, because I had no room to put the new snow. This time it was a nice wet snow that was good for snowmen. The kids and I made a snowman complete with button eyes and a carrot nose (per James). Later, just after I pulled our dinner out of the oven, the transformer in our backyard flashed a few times and the power went out. Apparently this happens every few years and it takes the power days to come back on. So, we decided it was in the best interest of the kids (and us) to head to Mom and Dad's house til things came back on. We camped out for the night and fortunately, our power was already back on this morning! So, Jeff brought us back before he went to work. (yes, he had to go to work today...) I am glad we had a warm place to go, unlike these birds that were hanging out in our backyard:

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DayPhoto said...

I keep watching the news to see how you are doing. I'm glad your power didn't go out forever. Do you have a generator?