Monday, February 01, 2010


Finally, Katie likes having her hair done. She used to kick and scream anytime I would approach her with a comb. Now, she tells me in the morning, 'I need ponies in mine hair.' Of course I am happy to oblige. My personal fav is the pig tails, which we embellish with barrettes or other cute little hair thingys. Too cute and too fun! Saturday she told me she needed 'ponies in mine hair.' As I was getting the supplies together, she dragged me to the linen closet, pointing up on the shelf. 'Sparkles! I need sparkles!' She wanted for me to paint her fingernails and toenails with the sparkly nail polish Auntie Rachel gave her. So, we had a fun 'girly' time of hair braiding and nail painting. She also wanted me to paint mine so we could be matching. Hey, grown-ups can wear sparkles too, right? :)

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DayPhoto said...

I think Mother/Daughter dressup is fun! It's something I enjoyed as a daughter and as a mother.