Friday, February 05, 2010

Air Pheasants

Here is a funny little story that happened the other day. (I just checked to make sure I didn't blog about it already. If I did...oops!) So Katie comes up to me with a big grin holding something in her hands. She proudly announces that she has a 'pheasant' for me, about which I quickly determine two things. 1. Pheasant=present, and 2. The present was imaginary. I oohed and ahhed over it accordingly, and she was happy with my reaction. She gave me several more air presents, which I 'picked up' and looked at carefully. It was cute. Then, her older brother decided to come and 'steal the present.' He pretended to take it from her and said 'I took it from you! I have it now!' This led to Katie crying and screaming at James to give the 'pheasant' back, and they continued to fight over the air pheasant and I tried very hard not to laugh. I admit, I did sit and watch it go on for longer than necessary, but just because it was too darn funny!

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