Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Latest Adventures...

James is very interested in helping in the kitchen. (Yay!) Quite often, he asks to check out kids' cookbooks at the library. We got a new one last week and so far we have made popovers (awesome!!) and this really fun turtle bread. The kids loved making it and eating it. We made a big deal of it and pulled out special plates to eat it on. (an odd assortment of 'not-our-regular-plates,' which caused Jeff to ask if we were all out of clean dishes...ha!) Little do they know my evil plan of not only teaching them to cook, but to count too! (I ask them to count each cup, scoop, etc.)

And speaking of learning, James is working on writing his name. He is learning the J and the A right now, and he is getting good at writing them, as you can see. We have been doing different activities to learn letters, and I think his favorite one is lining up food bits in the shape of his letters, because he gets to eat it afterward. And if you know my kids, you know they are all about eating. And eating. And eating. They each ate a bowl of cereal, two bananas (EACH!) and a piece of turtle bread for breakfast. And at 9:30 they started asking for snacks. Another growth spurt perhaps?

And what does Tyler do when we are busy practicing letters? He falls asleep in his chair of course. He has actually never done this before, and was watching us intently one second, asleep the next!

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DayPhoto said...

You are doing such a good job of teaching your little ones. Do you think you will homeschool or not?