Thursday, November 05, 2009

This week I was at the grocery store with just Tyler (thanks, Mom!!!). I was carrying him in what I think is the best baby-carrying-contraption-ever. There in the cereal isle were two rough looking road crew workers painted in tar and grime. One of the men was a big, tall guy, the kind you wouldn't want to meet up with in a dark ally and who spends his off time on a Harley. The other guy was a bit ZZ Top-esque. As I navigated my cart between them and the Raisin Bran, ZZ Top says 'Awww! Look at the cute baby!' Now that right there was enough to make me have a internal fit of giggles, but it didn't stop there. He looked admiringly at Tyler and asked how old he was. When I told him, he said 'Wow, he's a really new baby! Wow!' Then Mr. Burly Man asked me if it hurt my back to carry him around all day. (He didn't see that Tyler was in the wrap) I showed him the wrap and he said 'Well, that's pretty handy if you gotta carry them around all the time. That's nice!' The whole thing just made me laugh. Two tar-covered macho men oohing and ahhing over my baby. He is pretty cute if I do say so myself ;)

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DayPhoto said...

You do have beautiful babies!