Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dress-Up! (And a few bonus pictures of a beautiful baby!)

When James went for a 'sweep overs' at Grammy and Chappy's house this weekend, I pulled out the dress-up clothes I had stashed away for Katie. It was the perfect time! She loved getting dressed up and clomped right around in her sparkly little shoes. I can see the beginning of a lot of fun dressing up! I loved dressing up when I was little and have fond memories of Mom donating some of her old dresses to the cause too.

This is the 'I can't believe Grammy took James and left me and I think I might be a little miffed' look.

Does the cuteness know no bounds?!?!

And speaking of absolute cuteness, deliciousness, scrumptiousness and all that is beautiful in this world, check out my baby! (How's that for bragging, Candi! :)

I love taking pictures of Jeff holding our babies. His hands always seem so big in comparison to the baby.

And this one is the boys snuggling on the couch!

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