Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving

This weekend we celebrated 'Pre-Thanksgiving'; Rach and Phil are headed for Texas so we had the big shin-dig early. And what does any self-respecting family do for Thanksgiving? Why, play with Marshmallow weaponry of course! In addition to last year's PVC model, Nate's father-in-law spent the entire year running through various models of Marshmallow Guns in order to perfect the idea. He decided in the end that simple was best: a straight copper pipe. (The picture above is the modified marshmallow gun, made for shooting around corners and behind you) After the men complained about the lackadaisical standards for marshmallows, the war began. Jeff and Phil holed up in the shed, which was a bit like cheating if you ask me, but they later got locked out of the shed and away from their ammo. Katie ran around dodging marshmallows and eating more than her fair share of ammo.

Uncle Nate and Tyler

Jeff and Tyler

Uncle Phil and Tyler

The kids got to make their own kid-sized pies with Grammy. What fun!

It was so much fun, as usual, to have everyone together. The food was fabulous, though I feel like I cheated since I made my stuff ahead. For more Thanksgiving fun, click here.

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