Friday, August 14, 2009

I love my kids

And two random updates: Tyler had a hip ultrasound today and everything looks good! Praise the Lord!!!! We won't discuss the fact that I got lost on the maze of 'turnpike' roads and added an extra hour to the trip home, or how we don't have air conditioning in the truck. And, everything is looking good for selling the old house. We accepted an offer, which we felt was really low. Our first initial reaction was NO!!! Even though our agent thought the offer was low, too, she advised us to 'take it and run.' We accepted the offer, with the contingency that they not come back and try to negotiate later (e.g. 'take $1000 off for the scratch in the floor type thing). The home inspection was Monday, and it came back good. Closing is set for late September!

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DayPhoto said...


Boy am I glad you are going to be able to get out from under that house! I'm sorry the price is so low, but maybe in the end you will win!