Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun Friday

On Friday, Grammy gave us all a treat by taking each of the older kids for a special time with her. She came and picked up Katie, took her to the dollar store and the bakery. White poison, Mom! What are you feeding my kids?! Just kidding. (My mom doesn't eat sugar) She let Katie pick out her own cookies and coloring book. Then they went to Grammy's house for some puddle-jumping, hair-doing and fun. After their time, Katie came back and it was James' turn. He is the proud new owner of a 'fishing net.' (its really a la cross net) Just getting to ride in Grammy's car is very novel for the kids, and they loved their whole outing. The fun part for me was that having only two kids at home gave me special time with them too. James got to make a special scrapbook of his own, using our extra pictures and lots of stickers and markers. We also started making cookies, which Katie helped me finish. Katie got to draw and play around without pestering, or being pestered by, her big brother. And, I even managed to cut out a pair of John Deere jammies for James. He's been asking for some for a while, and his birthday (and Katie's) is coming up soon.....

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