Sunday, August 02, 2009

Building a Good Immune System, One Diseased Rabbit at a Time

Due to recent events, like having a baby (!) I never blogged about this story. The day we brought Tyler home from the hospital, Jeff had let the kids go outside to play in the morning. Jeff spotted a bunny crouched down by the shed, and decided to sneak up on it. Slowly creeping up behind the bunny, Jeff mentally congratulated himself on his ninja-like prowess. He was just a step behind the bunny when he realized that the bunny wasn't going anywhere. It was sick or hurt. He looked the bunny over. No blood, no foaming at the mouth, just lethargic. He decided that this would be a fun opportunity for the kids to hold the rabbit, so he let them hold and pet this little bunny for several minutes. (Something is clearly wrong with a rabbit who willingly sits in the lap of two toddlers while they enthusiastically pet it) Jeff then laid the rabbit down in the shade and turned around to talk to our neighbor. When he turned back, the rabbit had breathed its last. When Jeff brought the kids to the hospital to pick us up, he informed me that he may have exposed the kids to the black plague, or the bird flu or even the swine flu. Nothing like bringing a new baby home to the swine flu, right? But hey, he did wash their hands!

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dayphoto said...

What a pain! Blogger is not letting me leave a comment!!!!

Maybe the rabbit was just old.