Friday, August 21, 2009

Duck Wrangling

'Duck' has officially arrived in our backyard, complete with his own pool, cage and bed. We quickly nicknamed him 'Webby,' since 'Duck' is kind of plain. He spends most of his time lounging in his pool, and occasionally gets out for a snack of bugs or grain. We love having him here! Katie spent quite a while yelling out the window yesterday 'Gucky! Gucky! Webby! Webby!' The kids will sit right next to his pool and watch him. James was quite surprised when the duck 'quacked.' He looked at me in amazement and said 'He just said 'quack, quack!' Yes, that is what ducks say. Last night I had to 'tuck him in.' My direct instructions were to 'herd him into his cage,' and that he will 'go right in and tuck himself in.' Yeah. This coming from the same person who told me the kids in my 1st/2nd Grade Sunday School class were really well behaved. Ha! ;) Well, he was having none of it; herding ducks is not as simple as it sounds. She left a sheet in case I needed to pick him up, but said I probably wouldn't have to use it. Anyway, I skipped the sheet and picked Webby up and took him to his cage. Once there he was fine and tucked himself right in to his little woodchip bed. Sleep tight, Webby!

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