Sunday, August 19, 2007


Yesterday we had a visit from our friends Meg and Ryan. They were in NYC from CO and rode the train down for a day. We had so much fun seeing them and visiting. Meg is a childhood friend and the one responsible for 'this.' She set us up on a blind date way back in the day, when I was totally dragging my feet! (Obviously it worked out quite nicely!!) We went to South Street for a cheese steak at Jim's. We all practiced up on our 'I'll have a steak wit whiz' lines before going in, only to find that the guy on shift was actually almost friendly. They made up for that, though, with the cashier, who gave us the look of death. But, oh, are those cheese steaks good! After that, we went on a brief drive-by tour of the Independence Hall/Liberty Bell area followed by Jeff's famous Ghetto Tour. By then, Meg and Ryan were quite ready to go straight home to their town of two traffic lights and friendly people.

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mcwiggins said...

Ah, the ghetto tour! Brings back memories. You guyzes should sell tickets to that.

Glad to hear that more Coloradans were exposed to true Philly culture and lived to tell about it. :)