Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Trying to Stay Cool

This week the weather has been so HOT and HUMID that the towels never dry and you feel like you are walking into a steam bath when you open the front door. Where is the dry, desert heat that I can handle? This stuff is just awful! Anyway, enough ranting from the pregnant lady. We have been trying to stay cool by staying inside, mostly.
As you can see, James has quite the fascination with shoes of any kind and likes to wear them around the house. Yesterday, we went swimming with Rachel and James loved the water! Other than that, we are staying inside in the relative comfort of our 80 degree living room.

1 comment:

mcwiggins said...

I love your E.T. toes in the swimming photo, Meg!

Looks like James is turning into a little tadpole. :)