Tuesday, August 21, 2007

In response to the previous post, here is a list of questions to test your newfound understanding of hicks and rednecks.

Hick or Redneck? You decide….(Answers Below)

1. You shoot prairie dogs.

2. You have eaten the prairie dogs you kill OR taken them to the taxidermist OR both.

3. You own a goat.

4. You have installed smoke stacks and a cow-pusher on your Chevy S10 Pick-up.

5. You have ever played hide-and-seek in a cornfield.

6. Your pants are so tight that you have rendered yourself infertile and you had to rub dirt on your boots to make them look ‘broke-in.’

7. You know precisely how to shimmy through or over a barbed wire fence without getting snagged.

8. You have a Confederate Flag bumper sticker on your truck.

9. You have chrome-lady mud flaps on your truck.

10. You have a “Where’s the Beef?” or “Sheep: 1 Million Coyotes Can’t Be Wrong” Bumper sticker on your truck.

11. You have a gun rack in your truck window.

12. You have a gun rack in the back window of your Buick Century.

13. You married your cousin.


  1. Hick
  2. Redneck
  3. Well, it depends on where the goat lives. If it lives inside with your pet pot-bellied pig, you are definitely a redneck! If it lives out in the pasture, then you probably fall into the hick category.
  4. Redneck
  5. Hick
  6. IDIOT! (Redneck)
  7. Hick
  8. Redneck
  9. Redneck
  10. Hick
  11. Hick (Unless you live in the city-then Redneck for sure)
  12. Redneck
  13. Redneck

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