Wednesday, August 01, 2007

More Cousin Fun!

James and Shelly

Tyler stopping for .00009 seconds to smile for the camera, before running back to the beach


Ah, the magic of homemade GAK!

Meg and Tyler

Some homeless bum digging thru our trash...or is that Shelly?! She got some special effects makeup at 5 Below and they had a great time transforming her into a bum. She ran around the neighborhood getting funny reactions from people. She completed her outfit by wearing Jeff's pants.

The kids kept us laughing while they were here. Here are a few funny things they said:
I was telling the kids as we were driving thru Trenton that we call NJ the armpit of America. Tyler said, "Who's armpit???" Then, as we were driving past the sewer plant, he got real excited and yells "Hey, I smell the armpit!" I can just imagine him telling his teacher he went to the armpit for vacation. Shelly was trying to feel the baby move, and the baby was all over the place. We were trying to figure out where she'd kick next, and Shelly said "Hey, its just like Whack-A-Mole!" One night for dinner, we told Tyler that he had to finish his dinner if he wanted a treat. He thought for a second and then said "If I only eat half my dinner can I get half a treat?" Smart kid, but no. They also enjoyed Water Ice, although Tyler kept asking if we were going to get Ice Water! Now that the kids are gone, James and I have been catching up on our lack of sleep.

And here is a recipe for homemade GAK, in case you are bored from reading this long and random post. Its lots of fun and easy to make:

In a bowl, dissolve 1 TBS. Borax in 1 C. warm water. In a different bowl, mix 1/4 C. white school glue and 1/4 C. water. Add food coloring if desired. Slowly pour glue mixture into Borax mixture and watch the glue turn into a cloud of Oobleck right before your eyes! Let it sit for a minute or two and then remove your GAK. Store in a ziplock bag with the air squeezed out.

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