Thursday, August 23, 2007

Little Boy's Little Boy

James has become quite his own man lately. He is very particular about what 'boots' and hats he wears. Above you can see some of his favorites. He may choose to wear the fireman's hat with the blue rain boots. Or maybe the safari hat and his nice dress shoes. Today on our way to Target, in fact, he wore two hats simultaneously. Decisions, decisions! He also likes to don the occasional pair of eye wear, as you can see. One of his wackiest ensembles to date included the glasses, the green safari hat and his blue boots. His trademark look is the cowboy boots (about 4 sizes too big) and his spiffy old-school Holtec hat. And, in case you are wondering, it has a straight brim and he wears it just a bit to the side. People at church ask if he is training to be a gansta'. Uh, no, he's just training to be himself, whatever that may be.

Better get going...New York is calling. They want him create his own line for the runway. But, alas, his mean old parents say he is too young for such thing. For now, if you are lucky maybe he will share with you a few of his favorite style tips.

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