Sunday, August 26, 2007


Hooray for the closet!!

Please witness something seen only once every 97 leap years: a clean fridge!

The 'nesting' phase has officially kicked in, and for the past week I have been trying to get stuff done before the baby arrives. I have been shopping for birthdays and some Christmas things, and even wrapped the stuff! We have finished....yes, after a long three+ years....our closet! Wow! Who knew that you could actually find your clothes in a few brief moments without running upstairs, looking here and there and everywhere. We finished remodeling the big room upstairs, so now you can come visit and you won't have to smell remnants of the cat that once lived there. Let me rephrase that...we didn't have remnants of an actual cat upstairs, just the smell of a cat that apparently wasn't very well trained. Also as part of this nesting craziness, I have sewn two dresses for the baby, some PJ's for James, and a lot of other little kid things. And, my biggest accomplishment, besides the closet of course....drum roll, please....I cleaned out my fridge! Yes, folks, I managed to weed out all of the science experiments and mysterious items and give the fridge a long-overdue scrubbing. Now, I am not saying that I had fun. I am just saying I feel accomplished.

So now all thats left is, well, quite a bit. But hey, it doesn't all have to get done. With James I went through two weeks of nesting before he decided enough was enough and made his debut. Who knows? Anyone making bets yet on when Groves#2 will make her appearance?

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mcwiggins said...

Congrats on the fridge! Rarely do I ever get the whole thing clean at once. I haven't cleaned inside the door where all the ketchup and stuff is for, oh, about three years. Sad.

My bet is on Sept. 13. Mike bets Sept. 15.