Thursday, August 31, 2006

There's a cheerio stuck to my foot

Mr. Independent has now decided that feeding himself is tons of fun. Way more fun, in fact, than someone else shoveling mushy cereal in with a spoon. So, now we are on to new and interesting things: chunk of 'REAL' food! James' method of operations is to first visually examine the food. I don't know exactly he is checking for as he has never turned down anything put in front of him. After a quick visual inspection, he proceeds to pick up a piece and smash it in his hand. This is particularly fun with bananas and sweet potatoes. Mmmmmm.....squishy!! After making sure that the food meets the proper viscosity specifications, James then proceeds to smash the squishy mess somewhere in the general vicinity of his mouth. He has a fairly good aim and manages to get most of it down. It's fun to watch him get so messy, until it comes time to clean up. He hates that part. No matter how well I clean up, James inevitably finds some discarded morsel on the floor and promptly sticks it in his mouth. Speaking of gross, I think I have a Cheerio stuck to my foot.

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