Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cheyney Tradition

It all started out when Phil started hanging around our family. (Phil was Rachel's husband!) In order to make him feel welcome in our quirky family, for his birthday I made him a giant rice crispie treat the shape of Texas. The next time his birthday rolled around, I had to do something funny. So, I made him a Barbie cake, complete with a real Barbie torso and a cake dress. Pink, too! Well, the strange cake-making became tradition and now every time a birthday rolls around Rachel and I brainstorm a new design. So far, we have crafted a Rubix Cube, an elephant, a turntable, Mt. St. Helens, an air-cooled condenser, a sombero, a chocolate mousse armadillo and more. Can you guess who got each cake? Anyway, Dad's birthday rolled around again and Rachel and I decided to make a chaps cake in honor of "Chappy." We have affectionately dubbed him "Chappy" in lieu of Grandpa (Jeff's idea). Here is a picture of our latest creation. This new tradition is lots of fun, but don't worry. We haven't abandoned the old and emmensely popular Cheyney tradition of singing horrendously off-key. We still carry on, much to the chagrin of the neighbors. Soon we will be able to pass on these fun traditions to James, starting with his first birthday on Sunday. Yikes! Can't believe it's Sunday....ahhh! Where has the time gone?! More on that later...

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