Thursday, August 24, 2006

Down the Shore

This past Sunday we took James "down the shore" for a nice afternoon together. We played hooky from church (yes...we ditched church) and packed it up for a trip to the beach. It's amazing how much stuff needs to be packed when there is a kid on board. Anyway, we finally got on the road by 10:30 and arrived to find a beautiful, warm and sunny day. When we staked out our spot the first thing we did was plop James down in the sand.We couldn't wait to see what he would do. At first, he wasn't quite sure what to do with it. After a few minutes, he started to grab handfuls of the nifty new stuff. Then, he did what he always does with any new object: he put some in his mouth. Pretty gross, but I guess its just sand. He thought it was pretty gross too, and learned very quickly that sand does not go in the mouth. Once he had that settled, he set to filling a cup with sand, one pinch at a time. We spent the afternoon watching him explore this new world, and taking a zillion pictures with our new digital camera. What fun!

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