Sunday, August 13, 2006

The BandAid Stage

Dad kept warning me about it....the BandAid stage. I knew it was coming, but thought it might be in the slightly distant future. Not so. With his newfound independence, James now squeezes himself into increasingly precarious positions. This week, he wedged himself between the couch and magazine bin to try to get to an electrical outlet. He fell and bumped his chin on the bin which caused his sharp little bottom teeth to cut his top gums. Ouch! Well, needless to say he cried quite loudly, and in the process bled all over my new shirt (thank goodness for OxiClean). The next day he fell again, and this time bit his tongue. More blood. So, Dad, you were right. The BandAid stage is here to stay. Better invest in a big box of BandAids and an ice pack or two, because I am sure I will be needed them soon enough!

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