Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Every Day Festivities

Life in our house is pretty funny, except when its not, which is another story altogether. But this kid, 
he keeps me laughing.

He wanted me to take pictures for Auntie Rachel and Uncle Phil. Not to be confused with Uncle Nil, which is really Uncle Nate, but confused with Phil. Get it? Nil?

Today he told me after we dropped Katie off, 'Hey, it's just you and me now. We can have some peace and quiet.' With no sense of the irony of that statement.

He's pretty awesome, even when he does his super scary face. I assured him that no doubt Uncle Phil cried for his mama when he saw this one. Frightening, I tell ya!

And this little thang? She's pretty special too. While James is not interested in all the fanfare that goes with theme days at school, Katie is ALL OVER IT. 

She had 'Mismatch Day' and asked me to pick out her most un-matching clothes. It was kind of fun!
She even wore mismatched shoes, which would drive me crazy to wear but she didn't care! I suppose any day you can rock both a cowboy boot and a sequined boot simultaneously is bound to be a good day.

After school we busted out a Cheyney classic: shaving cream. Mom used to let us loose with a bottle of it and we would make all manner of pies and finger painted masterpieces. My kids decided take it a step further.

The end result: happy children who spent the rest of the day smelling like old men. 
Meanwhile, James is perfecting his barrel walking skills. He can go across the entire yard! One of these days perhaps I can get a video up. It is pretty impressive.


Phillip and Rachel said...

T's "peace and quiet" comment made me laugh really hard. He's hilarious.

Belinda Silver said...

You are such a great mom! I can't believe all the cool activities you come up with!