Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Few Random Notes

  • The weirdest thing happened to me. There is a young mom who I often see hauling her kid in a stroller to school late. I don't know this lady from Adam. On Tuesday I was getting the kids in the car to drive Katie to school and she yelled across the street 'Oh, are you going to the school? Is he in class with your daughter? Will you take him to school?' I told her yes, thinking all the while that I would NEVER put my kid in a car with a stranger. I tried to introduce myself but she really wasn't listening. She told the kid 'be good, because this nice lady is going to take you to school!' and left. Bizarre. 
  • James proudly came home today with a new collection, stashed away in his beanie. 52 pencil tips to be exact. He has apparently collected them off the floor. You know that weird kid in school who collected belly button lint? Well, apparently that's my kid. I made a comment to James and he said 'You're teasing me, aren't you?' and I was busted. But pencil tips? It's a strange one, but I told him that he certainly picked something unique to collect.
  • The weather: what the heck, man? It was 75 one day, 45 the next. I am ready to pack away the coats already!
  • I help in Katie's class every Wednesday and the kids now call me 'Hey, Katie's Mom!' and I think it's pretty cute. Today they had to write about a store they went to, and I think at least half of them wrote about Toys R Us, known in our household as the Devil's Lair. Shhh! Don't let them find out that people actually take their kids there!


Caitlin said...

Ummm that lady. Weird. You must look really trustworthy [which of course you are but still!]

Toys R Us was always such a strange, foreign place to me. The only times I remember going in were for other kids' birthdays. But Barnes and Noble? That place was magical...still is :)

Terry and Linda said...'s a good thing you are who you are...that other Mom is ... a huge risk taker!