Saturday, February 02, 2013

Sister Megan Strikes Again

A few years ago I made my brother some Habanero vodka...well, I didn't actually distill it myself, although some of our small groupies are certain that I make my own moonshine largely because we drink out of mason jars. But I digress. I made my dad some butt-kickin' sinus-clearin' varnish-strippin' mustard. We are always in search of mustard that actually has a kick to it and so I decided to make some myself. It needs to meld overnight in the fridge, but so far signs are good that this mustard just might pave the way for my parents' Netti pot to retire.

In other news, here is a hypothetical conversation between an Engineer and his very non-engineer wife:

Wife: I ordered fabric for our curtains today.
The Engineer: (wheels turning) You know, you could sew mylar to the window-side of the curtains to deflect the heat. That's why they put mylar shuttles (or something like that). It works by deflecting the heat instead of absorbing it....etc., etc., etc.
Wife: You really think I am going to make mylar curtains? They would be really ugly. (...and in her head: only a half step better than those that tack up Nascar sheets or sheets emblazoned with unicorns in lieu of curtains)
The Engineer: Well, you could just put the mylar in between the curtain and the lining.
Wife: And then they wouldn't be washable.
The Engineer: You could make it removable. Like it would just hook it in there somehow.
Wife: Or, I could just line it with something that was made to insulate curtains.
The Engineer: You could do that.

And in other, other news, I scrambled an egg in my pocket the other day. It takes talent, my friends, but I did it. It was inevitable, really. When I collect the eggs, I put them in my coat pockets. I guess I forgot one egg in there and went to put my hands in. I must have hit it just right because it cracked all over my hand. All in a day's work for this Chicken Francher.


Shay said...

I laughed at ever single thing in this post, well done!!

Terry and Linda said...

Hummmmmmmmmmm Mylar...I am interested................