Thursday, February 21, 2013


Recently I overheard a friend call her little girl Zippy. It made me a) realize that we have a lot of nicknames for our kids, and b) maybe we're not the only ones. I am not sure what it is about nicknames, or why certain people are more prone to them than others. For example, James' repertoire of nicknames consists of James-Bo, or Bo-Bo. Katie has a few more, like a million and one derivatives of Ki-ki and Keekers. There is Ki-ki Beekers, Ki-ki Squeekers, Ki-ki Von Bueller, and the list goes on. She is not a fan of these names, so we try to stick to the Katie approved ones most of the time...such as 'Sunshine' and 'Darling' and 'Kate.' Moving along to Tyler, that kid has a list of nicknames a mile long. His primary nickname is 'Squatchy' which is short for Sasquatch. He also answers to 'Baby Squatch' and 'The Squatch' among others. Other monikers include: Mini-Beast, Nuggle Muffin, Mr. Squishy, Pocket-Sized-Dictator (PSD), T-Bone, Big T, T-Bird, and the list goes on. Jeff and I also have nicknames for each other which have questionable why on earth does Jeff lovingly call me 'Lurch' on occasion...I will never know. I suppose coming from the same guy who called my sister Rat for years it can be explained. And Jeff has been called 'El Heffe' for a long time, which I think was started by Phil. I had no idea there was a song by that name, or that it meant 'the chief' until recently. Good thing it wasn't something obscene! What about you? Any awesome nicknames you want to tell me about??


Terry and Linda said...

We call Linkin...NeeNee, Blade is just Blade, Tallin..Tuppy...some people get to have nicknames I guess.


Trish D said...

I'm quite certain you're familiar with our most-used nickname for our daughter :) but she also goes by Miss Dancey Pants, LeenerNeener, and probably about 400 others that I can't think of right now. D is generally Bud or Goober. Man, I need to work on a few more :)

Erin said...

I'm kind of sad that I never had a nickname! Especially one like "Lurch." :)