Friday, February 15, 2013

Painting Class

My painting class is going well, although I feel really, really slow. This picture was my 'practice' sheet, which I am pretty sure was the teacher's attempt to a) assess my skill and b) teach me her methods of painting. I am feeling ridiculously rusty but despite that, it is really fun and relaxing but also a good brain workout. I must say that when the teacher was telling me to do cast shadows, she started sketching the shadow for the sphere to the right. I kept thinking...what is she doing?! That is on the wrong side! Am I that rusty that I can't remember what side the shadow goes on? But she is somewhat particular about certain things and I didn't want to question her method so I went with it. Once she sketched it in she said that she did it so the shadow would fit on the page. So I am not crazy after all. Now I am working on a painting of this nearby one room school house:

I had a few landscapes chosen that I thought were fairly simple, and she said no, not for my first painting. After rustling around in her avalanche of art books, she brought forth a watercolor rendering of this school house which she wants me to paint. I am not really sure why she chose this, because it is not simple, but I think I am up for the challenge. So far I have the sky nearly done, which I think is going to be the hardest part because you have to leave the white of the page for clouds. The bricks will be tedious but I enjoy tedious stuff. I will put up a picture of it when I finish, so long as I don't totally botch it! :)

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