Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Will Work For Craft Supplies (Plus Other Ramblings)

At this point it is glaringly obvious that Katie has received the creative gene. I am pretty sure in another year or so she and I will be vying for who gets to use the sewing machine. She loves having a desk in her room and keeps adding her scavenged art supplies to her secret stash. Our neighbor brought us a box of envelopes last week, complete with an adhesive strip so you don't have to acquire an awkward paper cut trying to lick the glue. The kids have been having lots of fun sending 'mail' to each other. Then yesterday, Katie came to tell me that I really needed to get her some tape, because she was running out of envelopes. After a brief head-scratch, and a peek at her latest project, I realized that my clever girl has been cutting the adhesive strip off the envelope and using it for tape. Genius if I do say so myself! However, I think I will buy the girl a roll of tape one of these days. 

And in other news:

Winter is here. I let Tyler ride his bike in the house. Crazy. Didn't last too long, but I had long enough to take a picture of the little bike bucket I made him.

Other indoor entertainment: put your bathing suit on (over footies, of course) and spend the morning swimming in the ocean! They took turns diving in off the chair, and 'splashing' me.

My little swimmers. I was standing in the ocean just to get this picture. How's that for dedication?!

A cake I made last week. Now I can add superhero to the list of random cakes I have made (including an elephant, a doll, the Discovery Space Shuttle, a Rubix cube....)

Last year, I got brave and tried sewing with knits. Turns out, they are not that scary. I just got a new sewing machine and it has lots of fancy stitches for knit. I made this dress and love how it turned out because I finished the inside using the overcasting stitch and to quote Jeff, it looks 'better than the store'. Which for us sewing nerds is a good thing. 

Tyler was very good about not touching the cake, even though I knew he really, really wanted to. (the boy lives for birthday cake)

Last night we had a weird 30 minute snow storm, which left a surprising amount of snow for such a short time. Too bad it is not enough to do anything with. I am rooting for a big storm. At least it is cold enough that the snow will be around for a while. 

Katie decided that if there wasn't enough snow to make a snowman, she would make the snow into ice, then make an ice snowman. Not sure about that logic, but here she is mixing up her ice. 

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Terry and Linda said...

Your children are going to grow up knowing that there really isn't anything their mother can't do!

You are one talented young mother!