Saturday, January 05, 2013

Meet Dino

Yesterday, Tyler informed me that he has a friend named Dino. (pronounced like DINO saur, not Dee-no) Apparently, Dino is his imaginary friend. I can't tell you how excited this made me (or why) but it did. Maybe because we used to love watching that movie Harvey, with Jimmy Steward and his imaginary bunny. He told me how Dino is his friend, but he lives very far away. His Daddy 'got dead' but he lived with his Mommy. He likes trains. He doesn't take naps...ever, ever, or in Tyler-speak 'eher, eher!' And he doesn't sleep at all, because he doesn't like to.  In fact, he doesn't have a bed because he doesn't need one. Dino shares his toys, even though he lives far away. When Jeff asked Tyler about Dino later that day, he said that Dino's Daddy was alive again. Well, that's good! I wonder if Dino will stick around, or if it was just a one-day friendship. We shall see!

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Terry and Linda said...

Maybe you can make some clothes for Dino and Dino can sleep in a special bed. I had to do that for one of my kid's special friends. It's a hoot!