Friday, January 04, 2013

A Christmas Nativity

This Christmas the kids wanted to hold some of the Christmas festivities at our house. They came up with the idea to have a nativity play. They discussed among themselves who would play which part. Initially, it was determined that Tyler would be Joseph, Katie would be Mary, James would play both the part of the donkey Mary rides into Bethlehem, and then the shepherd. Katie was determined that Jeff play the part of an angel. In the end, Tyler refused to partake, and Katie rode a stick horse to Bethlehem. The costumes were very high-tech. James wore a bathrobe over his long underwear, with my scarf over his head. He was accompanied by his stuffed dog, 'Little Dan.' Bonus points if you can figure out why he named his dog 'Little Dan.' Katie wore another one of my scarfs over her head. And Jeff, ohhhhhh, Jeff. For his angle costume, he donned his cowboy hat, glittery gold flame sunglasses and Tyler's jet pack on his back. It was super.

The narrator was suffering a cold, and read the Christmas story with much hoarseness. Tyler sat in the midst of it all playing with his new boat.

Jeff put a lot of emotion into his performance: 'and Behold! An angel of the Lord!' James also put emotion into his performance, but his was more of a first-grader after too many candy canes type of thing.

It was a stellar performance for all involved.

The angel speaking to the shepherd

Mary hanging out in the stable with her Raggedy Ann baby Jesus; note the stable is accompanied by an interesting assortment of stuffed animals

Jet-packs at the ready! The angel visits Mary.

The shepherd shows up...

The angel sings!

And off he goes!!!

I am sure that Grandma, Aunt Sally, Grammy and Chappy were impressed with our show. Stay tuned for next year's show! We might be dangerous with a little planning ahead.

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