Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lovely Weekend

We had a fun Mother's Day weekend. Saturday we spent pretty much the whole day outside. The kids played and the chickens roamed mostly free while I built a pallet fort and Jeff performed surgery on our tree. We have three beautiful Japanese maples in our yard, and one of them has a disease which led to cankers and apparently if you don't remove the affected branches than the whole tree can die. Hopefully it helps. And the pallet fort? For a while now, I have been looking for pallets and finally found some to build a fort. I will post pictures and story tomorrow.
  Today we drank the Bible Fellowship Kool Aid as I like to say, and joined our church.** It's about time, since we've been going there for a year and a half. After church, Jeff surprised me by getting hoagies (Italian hoagies from the best establishment-of-questionable-cleanliness around!) and taking us to Core Creek to picnic and play. It was quite nice. The kids made sure to tell me Happy Mother's Day about a hundred times, and I loved hearing it each time! :) Katie was determined to buy me a plant with her money, so I took her out so she could tell me to 'turn around and not look' while she carefully selected the most beautiful flower. It happened to be a Begonia. On the way out, she decided that she was also going to take me to ice cream. She is always saying she wants to take me, and while I would ordinarily try to talk her out of it I am learning that she loves to give and gets a lot of enjoyment from it. So we went. And the whole time, she kept looking at me with this big ol' grin on her face, saying things like 'You're the best Mom ever!' and 'I love you so much! This is so special!' How sweet is that?! I'll take it! She also made me about a dozen cards, and a few 'craft kits' which involved stuffing blank cards and envelopes into a paper lunch bag. Oh, and James wrote me a note in Sunday School which read: I love you because you make great cookies. :)

**Funny story, after we were introduced in the second service, one of the pastors shook our hands and told Jeff to 'come again when he couldn't stay so long.' Now, this is the Pastor who is always fiddling with his microphone, and as it turns out....his mic was on! Ha, ha! I am not sure if many people caught what he said but it was funny none the less. 

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