Friday, February 11, 2011

The Car Situation

I failed to mention that the car, after three days of hopelessly trying to start it, miraculously started. Therefore I have had a vehicle these last few weeks. Even more miraculously, Jeff swears up and down that the car runs better than it did before. He says that the car is tempting him to keep it, but we actually listed it on Craigslist this afternoon. As we speak, Jeff is on his way to the Auto Tags place to make the sale. The first person to call and come look at it wants to buy it. How quick is technology these days?! That means now we have to find ourselves another car. Hope that one is just as quick.


Linda Dashiell said...

I told you I was PRAYING!!!!! How exciting!

Phillip and Rachel said...

Wow...maybe this time Jeff won't buy a lemon!

DayPhoto said...

Are you going to get a van? Misty sure likes hers.