Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I bought a curling iron. I curled Katie's hair for the first time. It was SO MUCH fun!!


Anonymous said...

She looks adorable!!! Oh, I can tell this won't be the last curl, LOL, you are having way too much fun! Katie looks like she's not sure about all this!

I am amazed at how long her hair is, it has really grown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phillip and Rachel said...

Not that I'm partial...but, I think I have the cutest niece on the planet.

Trish D said...

How cute is that?!? Last year sometime, A commented that she wanted her hair to look like mine, so I picked up some foam rollers and wrapped her hair one night after her bath. She thought I was kidding when I said that she would have to sleep with them (ha!) but was delighted with the results the next morning... not delighted enough to request it again, though :) Think I'll be using them again for Easter, though, and I'm definitely going to take pics!