Monday, February 07, 2011

44 Degrees!!

Its up to 44 degrees here in the state of PA, and it feels downright balmy. I packed up the kids this morning to take them to a local park that has a lot of nice, paved walking paths. They were so excited to get out and ride their bikes! However, we were not so lucky. Only one path was partially cleared, and so we had to look elsewhere. We went to another park, but with the same luck. So, we spent the morning driving around and looking out the window at the nice weather. I think this afternoon calls for a walk!

In other news, Jeff took Friday off and we took the kids to the fish store and the Amish market. He has been trying to use up some surplus vacation days which is a nice problem to have! :) Friday my sister and bro-in-law came up from VA to visit. We haven't seen them since November so it was about time! They finally got to open their Christmas gifts from the kids, which was quite entertaining. Katie had chosen red and white striped knee socks with fur trim for for Auntie Rachel. James bought a giant foam sword for Uncle Phil. (It lasted about 30 seconds) Its pretty funny to see what the kids pick out for people. And speaking of funny, I will leave you with a quote from James. They were eating breakfast this morning, and Katie was wiggling around on her chair and messing around. James said to her, 'Katie, I am more civilized that you.' Ha, ha, ha!!!!

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DayPhoto said...

OH YAY! It's 32* here! I can hardly wait for spring. Please come SPring, PLEASE!