Thursday, February 10, 2011

How We Entertain Ourselves

I have officially hit the end of my good humor toward the 'cozy' winter months. Staying inside no longer feels cozy and nice. I need some fresh air! Dirt! A walk! Its supposed to be 50 degrees on Sunday so you better believe we'll be outside. In the meantime, here are some of the ways that the kids and I have kept busy lately.
  • Repelling down the stairs
  • Building a kid-sized stagecoach
  • Making a desk for James out of a diaper box, an old cowboy calendar, and some cork board (its a beauty)
  • Practicing our roping skills (Jeff is the best of us all so far)
  • Building/Racing our own mousetrap cars (Mine won!!!!!!!! I'll blog about that later, if the snow ever melts and we can take mine out for a long distance run. Did I mention that my car won?????:)
  • Reading lots of books from the library
  • Playing with play dough
  • Making lots of crafts
  • Sorting my button stash by color
  • Building 935 versions of a horse pasture
  • Giving the kids 935 sheep/horse/bucking bronco rides
  • Making cookies
  • Tents in the living room
  • Dancing to the radio and singing really loud
  • Pulling the kids back and forth across our slippery floor as they hold on to James' rope
  • Bouncing off the walls
  • Drooling over way too many seed catalogs
  • Ordering way too many seeds
  • Spray painting the snow (with food coloring/water)
  • Going through enough drawing paper to fill a semi-truck
  • And today....we're making butter, the old fashioned way (James' request)

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Anonymous said...

You are way too funny!
I LOVE it! Keep having fun even if it is indoors, want to be my MOM, I would love to have you as MY MOM!