Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Installment Numero Dos of the Jeff-Radio Saga

Once we finally decided to let the ol' boom box rest in peace, it was time to get something new. For quite some time, Jeff has had his eye on a sound system at BJ's. It has cute little speakers, each about the size of a pint jar. The reciever was small too, maybe the size of a Kleenex box. I was excited to have something smaller and less beastly to replace the boom box. However, anyone who knows Jeff, knows that he will research something, uh, thoroughly. So, after much research, he found that there was a different system that was better for what he wanted. The speakers were only a 'little bigger,' but they would sound so much better. So, he made the plunge and purchased the speakers.

And the reciever.

And the CD player.

Who knew that it took so much equipment to listen to a song. Talk about bait and switch. My dreams of having more space for books was quickly dying. In fact, we had to change out our bookshelf with a hutch we had in the garage, so that the new sound system could be closed up, away from grubby little paws. While I was still trying to get over the fact that the stereo system had become a monster, Jeff informed me that he had to get a sub woofer. I didn't think to ask how big it was, and when it arrived, well, I wasn't too thrilled. Behold, the beast:

While I am still reeling from this latest addition to our already crowded abode, Jeff is playing Tina Turner like a maniac, and blasting anything that has a lot of bass. Ugh. If this doesn't end soon, I fear we'll become one of 'those' neighbors. But hey, when I see a face this excited, I can't help but feel a little bit happy for him. And it was his birthday present afterall.


Phillip and Rachel said...

Now you'll have this sound system until the kids get to college...hahaha!

DayPhoto said...

Now THAT is a smile!!!!


Jeff and Meg said...

Or even longer!!!