Saturday, July 24, 2010

Farm Fair Pictures

Antique Tractors

Funny signs: My favorite sign is the one on the top right. They actually went so far as to laminate the poster so that it could include 3-D stomach contents!

I feel like this cow deserves its own post. How hilarious is this?! I love it. Painting the cow's entire digestion system, complete with arrows, really puts it over the top! This 'cow' is for practice milking.

We saw creepy singing vegetables, sat on a hay bale horse, rode a pedal tractor (the kids, not me!), and withered in the heat

James was a huge fan of the tractors. He went from one to the next with a big smile on his face.

Awesome curly-haired sheep. I think we are kindred spirits. Sadly, this sheep's curls hold up better in the humidity then mine do :)

$10 Pony Ride!?! Technically it was $5, but Katie (surprisingly) got scared and refused to go on a pony, so I paid $10 for one ride. That's the way it goes. As you can see, they had a very cheerful and chipper guy to motivate the ponies to move. He had that same expression on the whole time, even when he told the girl before James 'Good job,' with absolutely no expression in his voice. James, on the other hand, was a very happy camper!

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DayPhoto said...

What a fun day. If you ever come this way we will let the kids sit and ride on the tractors.