Monday, July 12, 2010

Installment Numbero Uno of the Jeff-Radio Saga

Jeff came into our marriage with very few possessions. In fact, he was able to move in one trip, filling only a portion of the trunk of his Cavalier. As a side note, Jeff had, shall we say, a 'special' rug at the time of our nuptials. (Oh, how I love the word nuptials, makes me laugh) The rug was one of those things that 'might be worth something.' It hung on the wall above his bed. There were a multitude of things wrong with this rug, such as the color scheme (blue and gold, with black), its large size, and the scene the rug depicted. I mean, who doesn't want a humongous blue and gold rug depicting a lion eating a gazelle hanging on their wall. And as an added bonus? It had an elephant in the background, complete with a rider. Sweet. Anyway, as our one and only prenuptial agreement, it was decided that the rug would not be entering our marriage because Jeffrey plus Megan plus Ugly rug equals unhappy wife. And if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. But I digress. One thing that did make it in the final cut was a boom box, which we have had ever since. Considering we have been married almost 10 years, the boom box is getting on in years. I have put in many a complaint about the boom box. It has taken up the entire bottom bookshelf for the last 9.5 years. It is big, beastly and as of late, starting to fall apart. Its been a few years since the tape deck worked. The CD player has become temperamental in the last few months. It has come to my attention recently that not only is the boom box old, its really old. Jeff admitted that he may have had it since the 7th grade! Low and behold, after a little investigation, we found that it was manufactured in September of 1995. That makes him 14 years old at the time of purchase. After much, uh, encouragement to get rid of the thing, Jeff finally agreed it that it was OK to let go and move on. I was very relieved to find out that he had his eyes on a very small, compact sound system that was...did I mention? ...smaller! Oh, and actually worked. Bonus! But alas, the best laid plans don't always work out. Tune in tomorrow for the second installement of the Jeff-Radio Saga.

PS. James had his first day of Vacation Bible School and Swimming Lessons today. One went very well, and one went very badly. I'll post about that sometime this week. Oh, the suspense! Yeah, right!

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DayPhoto said...

So was the rug worth something? You have me wondering?