Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Farm Day

Tuesday is the day we usually go to the CSA. Today we had a lot of fun. We met some goats, walked on the nature trail, and picked up a whole lot of delicious food, including blackberries and yellow watermelon! The kids found a little 'cave' in the sunflower field to take a break in.

Katie ate her weight in cherry tomatoes. I am not sure if we brought many home after she was finished raiding the basket. Tyler brought home more than his fair share of dirt, and cheeks stained with blackberry juice. James went all Bear Gryles on us while on the nature trail, picking up a big log to use. After telling him he could not keep it to make a raft, he decided to make a lean-to shelter instead.
I am so glad we bought a share at the farm, not just for the food but for the experience of it all.

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DayPhoto said...

What cuties. Brought back many memories for me...only it was in my back yard on a daily bases.