Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Little Turkey

Since I started potty training Katie she rarely has an accident. She is pretty darn good at knowing when she's gotta go and can hold it till she gets there. This afternoon, I put Katie down for her nap. She had just gone to the bathroom and not 15 minutes later I hear her yelling 'I need to go!!!' I told her she just went and to go to sleep. (How's that for empathy? ;) She kept at it, finally yelling 'I need to go pooooooop!' Well, why tempt fate? I mean, its easier to take her to the potty than to clean her up later. So, I took her. And there was nothing. And nothing. And nothing. And then she said 'I'm just joking, Mommy. I'm all done.' Little stinker.


Schwartz's said...

diaper at nap time!

DayPhoto said...

Worked didn't it? She got to get back up. But to me fair to you, I would have done it also. Poop in the pants and in the bed is NOT fun or funny!