Friday, January 08, 2010

I have this friend....

I have this friend. Her name is, uh, Sandy. Sandy has a funny story to tell, but she is too mortified to blog about it so I told her I would. You see, Sandy was in need of some unmentionables. She went to the store, and found that they were out of the kind she normally got. Considering that Sandy has three little kids (pure coincidence), she did not feel like traipsing them all over God's green earth trying to find the right kind. Besides, low cut briefs shouldn't be bad, Sandy thought. Almost like the kind she normally buys. Sandy took them home and threw them in the wash without paying much attention. When Sandy pulled her new skivvies out of the dryer, she gasped! If these were low cut briefs, she didn't dare want to know what the regular briefs looked like! They might come up to one's armpits, she guessed. Sandy sighed. They had already taken a ride through the wash, and there was no returning her full-coverage girdles of greatness. Oh well, she'll just have to resign them to the 'when I have no clean laundry left to wear' category. I, of course, never run out of clean clothes to wear because I keep up on my laundry like the government keeps up on collecting my taxes. ;)

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