Thursday, January 07, 2010

I Drive Myself, Like, Nuts

Spending my teenage years in the 90's has left me with an annoying tendency to throw the word 'like' into sentences where it, like, doesn't belong. Although it does not reach anywhere close to 'Valley Girl'-like proportions, I wish I didn't say it at all. Case in point: James was telling me about when we went swimming in Colorado. He said 'remember when I fell into the water and I was like 'crud,' I fell in.' Yes, he said 'like' and 'crud' in the same sentence. And both of those words he got from me. Help me! I need to, like, STOP!!!!


DayPhoto said...

Chuckle! Smile! Laugh!


Phillip and Rachel said...

Hahahaha...That is hilarious!