Thursday, October 08, 2009

No Time to Blog

I currently have approximately 12 zillion sewing projects going right now, give or take a few. One of them has to be done by Sunday. Sunday, I am having a baby shower for my friend Jenni and her soon-to-arrive little boy. Saturday Rach and Phil are coming down and us girls (and Tyler) are going to the flea market!!! Saturday, we also have a birthday party for which I am making the cake. (Happy Birthday, Emma!) And I need to clean my bathroom and mop my floor. I'm off!

Oh, and as a brief side note: I 'skyped' for the first time last night. That is funny stuff. I kept getting distracted by myself in the corner, and I kept critiquing the way my arms looked (lunch lady-ish). Then, at random, my lovely brother-in-law would stick his cavernous nostrils up near the camera, or otherwise try to mess with me. It was hilarious. And the kids jumped in and out of the screen too. It was fun, but I am going to have to get used to the whole new-fangled technology thing. Some day I might even have to learn how to send one of them thar' text messages.

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