Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And now I'm back...

All looking at the camera? How can it be!

Playing with my new camera...taking creepy pictures of myself

They love to 'hold hand' with Tyler (as Katie says)

A finished project! For my friend Jenni

More finished projects, one for Tyler, one for my friend Jenni

Delicious babyness!

Noisy little party animals

They don't sit still

James 'helping' me make goodies for the shower; you should have seen when he stuck his head in the bowl to lick the batter out

And yes, my arch nemesis is back, or one of his cronies. Jeff has set a snare trap for this critter...he's going all Bear Grilles on me.

Looooong busy weekend.....it included a really fun Friday night visit from Rach and Phil, a girls' trip to the flea market, more fun with the family, a last minute rush to make birthday cakes, shower treats and sew buttons on some jammies, a birthday party, church, and a baby shower. Phew!! Glad its all over.

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DayPhoto said...

Your oldest looks just like your husband!

And I love the outfits you are making! You are really very talented.