Friday, October 16, 2009

The Fam

It is such a wonderful blessing to be close to family. The kids love being with their Grammy and Chappy and Auntie and Uncles. We go to Mom and Dad's often, and they pretty much think that even the tap water is better at Grammy and Chappy's house. Its fun to watch the kids interact with everybody. They each have their own special relationships. They go to Grammy when they are hurt, or want something to eat (which is every 3.73 minutes when at Grammy's), or want to build a puzzle. If they want to go outside, they go for the nearest sucker. If they want to rough-house and giggle their little selves silly, they pick Phil. Auntie Rach is always good for snuggling, or a book, or to play or kiss a boo-boo, or anything they want really. Katie especially loves to climb up with Chappy on his chair and read. Even better, she likes to flash him a sideways chipped-tooth grin and weasel a handful of M&M's out of him. The colored drool gives her away every time. :) I always love it when everybody gets together because we all have so much fun and the kids get to enjoy everyone too.