Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have three kids. I am lucky to get a shower in. I am also an organizational failure when it comes to looking at my calendar. I write it all down, then forget to look til the 'event' has already come and gone. Like my nephew's 16th birthday. I know, I'm horrible. Well,this morning I was excited that the planets were aligning in such a way as to allow me a shower. I could hear the clouds parting and angels singing. This was the day. During a brief lag in the murderous threats being thrown back and forth between the older ones, I decided to take a shower. Now, I know I do not get a shower as often as I like, but gee golly, was I ever dirty. Hey, wait, I can't be that dirty. Eeeeeeew! Gross!!!

Note to self: check calendar regularly. You might be able to prevent yourself from taking a shower during the 'semi-annual water main flushing.'

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