Friday, July 18, 2008

Watching Paint Dry VS. High School Reunion

It's a toss up. Both are boring to the point of painful. While in GJ we decided to go to the family picnic part of Jeff's high school reunion. It sort of felt a little like mine too, since I went to school with many of the kids up until the middle of sixth grade. We opted out of the first get-together at the bar, since, well, meeting up with drunk people we used to go to school with just didn't seem all that interesting. We chose instead the family event. Word on the street was that the bar scene went well and was fairly entertaining. Apparently, not everyone shared that opinion, as they didn't show up the next day for the picnic. Either the bar wasn't that fun, or everyone was hung over. When we arrived at 2:00 (when the picnic started) we couldn't even find it. When we did, we realized that the few people who were organizing the show were just showing up. The charcoal didn't show up till 2:30. There were no introductions or name tags, no games or activities. Everyone just sat around, staring and scrutinizing from behind our respective sunglasses. Who's that, we wondered. Wow, check out so-and-so, he actually looks respectable. Several sets of extremely large fake boobs walked in. Some people gained weight, one person even grew a ZZ T0p beard situation. As it turns out, not only was this event poorly organized, but some people, namely the organizers, never grew out of the high school scene. The organizers only invited select few people: the COOL people. Our invitation was passed on from someone we knew, who had it forwarded to her. Apparently, we didn't make the cool list. One of the people there we actually knew asked one of the organizers why he didn't get invited till a few days before the event. The organizer said, 'Oh, we didn't get to the O's yet.' (The guy's last name started with an O) He said, 'Well that's funny, because Ashely P. got an invitation and P comes before O.' This particular girl happened to be the most popular girl in school. It reminded me of why I have absolutely no desire to attend my reunion and why I never liked high school to begin with. Besides, if only the cool people were invited then I will not be getting an invite. And I don't really care.

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