Saturday, July 19, 2008

Scandalized Over Chimichangas

While in Colorado, we had to go out for some real Mexican food. After all, T@co Bell does not count as Mexican food and that's all we have here. Jeff and I are 3/4 Mexican, so we must consume our native food sometime or other. OK, so maybe we aren't Mexican, but we could be. We have eaten enough refried beans in our lifetime to feed a small nation. This is the reason we had to get the goods. We went out with our trusty friends Mike and Erin, who also appreciate good Mexican food. The food was great.

James consumed an entire plate of beans and rice in about ten minutes.

Mike and Erin enjoyed their food.

So did we, as you can see!

Until...I noticed the...uh...anatomically correct decor. Hilarious! Nothing like seeing some testicles to make you want another bowl of rice and beans. Wow. I just said that word. Is that OK? I guess its my blog, so I can say it if I want. I am just pointing out the facts. Click on the picture if you want to verify.

I had the dubious honor of posing with this fellow. Isn't this the most hilarious restaurant decoration ever?!


Phillip and Rachel said...

Uh...those would make some sweet Rocky Mountain oysters...and by sweet I mean grapefruit sized... you should've stolen it and used it as your dashboard mascot...not that you have a particular penchant for thievery...

Phillip and Rachel said...

Phil wanted me to say also, "Meg it is more than OK to use the word 'rice' in your blog..." You get his humor!